Airline Crew Rate Shop

We use the same process in getting the rates for our Airline Crew Rate Shops that we do for our Volume Shops.  We ask your competitor hotels specifically for the crew member rate, not the corporate, travel industry, or distressed passenger rates.  If we are quoted a corporate rate for a specific airline, we will pass that information along to you, however, if we are quoted a generic travel industry rate, we do not pass that along unless you have specifically requested it.  Any notes directly from the hotel representative are listed on our shops.  This can come in handy as a training tool for your staff.

Some hotels offer the same rate for all crew members of every airline with proper ID.  Others offer specific rates for Pilots and Flight Attendants.  If that is the case, the shop is noted accordingly.  Most times you will only find airline rates at hotels within close proximity to Airports.

The hotel’s direct number is dialed and we ask for the reservations department. If the hotel has in-house agents, we speak directly with them, but most often we are transferred to a Central Reservations call center. First, we ask if there is availability on the date specified by our client, next we will get the basic information such as what the Best Available Rate is on that day, obtain any Parking charges, (distinguishing between self and valet), ask about High Speed Internet access fees, note any transportation/shuttle information, and ask about whatever extra amenities you might need.

After those basic pieces of information are obtained, we will ask if the hotel offers a negotiated rate for the companies that you have requested. Once given the negotiated rate, we ask what is included in that price, such as breakfast, internet, or parking.

If there is no, or limited, availability on the date originally chosen, we will search for a date with wide open availability. That will be the only time that your dates are switched out. If we are told there is a crew rate, but it is not available on the date you requested, we will search for better availability to get the information for you.


Per Account
Per Competitor
Number of Dates Shopped
  • Example
    10 Accounts x 4 Competitors x 1 Date = $50