Negotiated Rate Qualification Report

As the economy has changed, so has the realm of corporate travel.  More businesses are sending their associates for training and team building sessions than ever before.  Rates are being driven by demand in every market across the globe.  For the Negotiated Rate Qualification Survey, we will research the minimum number of rooms that are required, either monthly or annually, to receive a negotiated corporate rate at the hotel.  While doing so, we also find out what that rate would be, and determine if it is a fixed rate that doesn’t change through the year, or if it is a percentage off the BAR or Rack rates.  In the comments section, we will note any concessions that are offered with the rate, for instance, free high speed internet, breakfast, or free parking.

A call is made to the hotel sales department.  One of our Negotiated Rates Specialists will claim to be from a local or national company and ask what it takes to set up a special corporate rate.  When asked about any budgeting, we always say that hasn’t been determined yet so as to not give them a starting point that leaves no room for haggling.  In the comments section we will note how the sales department handled the call, if we had to leave a message for a return call, if there was any discussion about what happens when all required room nights aren’t covered for a year, etc.  All monthly or yearly minimums will be noted, and any extra concessions outside of the usual will be highlighted.

Pricing is based on reporting information for up to five of your competitors.  Report is returned to you in an Excel spreadsheet by email.  Turnaround time is generally 3-5 business days, however if the shop is completed prior to that, we will return it to you immediately.


for up to 5 competitors