Hotel Fee Shop

The hotel fee shop is great for new hotels that are just opening, hotels that are changing branding, and for a hotel that is interested in learning what general fees their competitors are charging.  In bigger cities in the US, such as San Francisco, Atlanta, and New York, there are often many hidden fees.  These fees will show on a guest’s check out statement and are most times not disclosed in any discussion prior to their stay.  Some hotels are starting to disclose this information on tent cards in the guest rooms, however many others do not. Everyone needs to stay competitive, one way of doing so is by keeping the room rates low and charging for other commonly used services.  Knowing what your competitive set is charging for can help you determine your fee structure.

Some of the fees that we have found in our reporting are for services such as High Speed Internet Access, Mini bar restocking, bottled water, parking, airport transportation, city tourism, resort, and service fees, cancellation, reservation change, early check in, and late check out, storing of luggage, sending and receiving faxes, shipping, receiving, and package handling fees.  This may all seem like nickel and diming to the average consumer, however wouldn’t you like to know what your competitors are charging?  With today’s rising cost of simply doing business, having this information at your fingertips can be a very useful tool.

Getting this information comes in a variety of ways, some hotel websites have limited fee information on their websites, the rest of the fees are obtained by phone calls to various departments within the hotel.

Turnaround time is generally 1 – 2 business days.  This report is for up to seven of your competitors.


for up to 7 competitors