Wholesale Travel Report

There has always been strength in numbers.  Wholesale Travel retailers buy in bulk and then pass that savings along to the travelers.  Many of these retailers are member only sites, however there are some that do business with the general public.  Their rates are usually significantly lower than most travel website’s published rates. This report will provide information on tour and travel packages that are available for groups from various travel websites.  The wholesale travel report is customizable to your specifications.  Pricing is for up to five of your competitors and three travel websites.  Additional competitors can be added for just $20 each.

These reports can be slightly tricky to complete depending upon the location being shopped and the information you are looking for. You give us the specifics, including the dates of travel, number of travelers, any options requested such as a rental car, and air/hotel packages. You also give us the names, websites, and phone numbers of the wholesalers you would like us to shop for you. We will always do our best to obtain the information for you.

For these shops, it is helpful if you provide us with as many specifics as possible to get the most accurate pricing information available.  If you know which airport you want to shop travelers flying in to/out of, that is most helpful as one variance can change the rate drastically.  We have found it very difficult to obtain information from overseas retailers.

Our agents will scour the travel websites getting the information that you are looking for, phone calls will be made to insure accuracy when applicable.

Reports are returned to you on an excel spreadsheet via email.  Generally, turnaround time is two to three weeks, however, if the report is completed prior to that time, we will return it to you immediately.


for up to 5 competitors
3 Travel Websites