Our job is to research and tell you what your competitor hotels are charging for rooms, catering, weddings, attrition, incentives to book – anything you want to know. We put that information into a report for you and each report is 100% guaranteed. HIS has been in business for over 14 years. We service most hotel chains worldwide. Please contact us for sample hotel reports, pricing, and further information on our company.

Hotel Information Service Inc. (HIS) is here to maintain your competitive edge with Negotiated Rate Shops (also known as Volume Accounts), Group Shops and Wedding Shops. For any of these reports, you select your competitors, the dates you want shopped, any special criteria you need, and HIS will get the information. HIS is on your team! All reports will be accurate, timely and cost effective. HIS guarantees 100% satisfaction. If any questions or concerns arise, they will be taken seriously and addressed immediately.

HIS offers personalized and professional services. The staff has been trained to seek out information you need without letting your competitors know they are being shopped. HIS works closely together and has staff all over the country who call at different times of the day from different area codes. This ensures the timeliness and necessary switch up in voices that creates an accurate report you can depend on. We make sure that you receive your report within hours of being completed. We want you to be able to look at your report and know that it is accurate. The agents for HIS have been trained completely in-house; this way there are no third parties involved. HIS maintains the highest level of confidentiality and accuracy and is in total compliance with the “Anti -Trust” law.

Our History

Hotel Information Service Inc. has been providing market research for the hotel industry since 1998 though the company began three years prior. The owner of the company first began his career in various areas of the hotel business. He worked his way up from front desk manager to revenue management. He would spend hours calling hotels and obtaining their rates. This process was very time consuming and tedious. At that time, he hired an individual to do the calling for him.

This continued for about a year, however, after speaking with other revenue managers, he found that this was a hindrance with others also. In 1998, Hotel Information Service was begun. Our company was offering a standard report that displayed up to twenty eight days of in house or central calling. The reports were at the same cost to each client for up to seven competitors. We discovered that each hotel had its own way of budgeting and selling their hotel which required a different type of template, number of hotels, etc. We quickly went up to twenty clients. No sales were required as our service began to be advertised from one client to another.

Five years later, we are now world wide. We can proudly say that our clients are so satisfied with our service we provide they recommend us to their associates. It didn’t stop there; we then began customizing each report from extended stay reports to our HIS Ultimate. Each of them is fit to our client’s specification. There is never need to buy special software for our reports. They are sent to you in an easy to read Excel format. No special training is needed to read them.

Keeping up with current hotel marketing research and new development, in 2004 we purchased VK Data Source Inc’s clientele and reports. HIS continues to grow and changing to fit our clients needs. We have dedicated our time to customize and personalize your reports.

Some Of Our Clients

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