Hotel Mystery Shop

The best way to truly gauge your staff’s effectiveness and professionalism is to have a Hotel Mystery Shop performed.  We will send our agents directly to your hotel. While there, they will critique every detail from the check in process, to the comfort of the bed, all the way through checking out. A very detailed report is given about the entire experience while at the hotel. We note names, times, and room details.  Our agent will gauge the comfort of the beds, and cleanliness of the room, yes, we will open every drawer, draw the curtains, and look under the beds.  We will also look at the safety of the shuttle driver, judge the bar experience, including noting if the bartenders measure shots or put extra ice in drinks watering them down.  We will gauge the safety of the parking lot, the lighting in public spaces, and cleanliness of bathrooms in the general areas.  Our agents will call maintenance and log how long it takes to address what was called about, they will time the restaurant experience from waiting to be seated, to paying the bill, and note how often the waiter comes to the table, how they addressed the guests, and what was offered. You name it, HIS will get you a full, detailed portfolio of their experience as a business or pleasure traveler.  We can also send a couple to your hotel to grade a Romance Package or Bed and Breakfast Package.  If there are specific areas, or trouble spots, that you are interested in our agent focusing on, we will gladly do it.  For resorts that offer pleasure activities such as golfing, a spa, or a specialized pool experience, we will book a session and give you complete feedback from beginning to end.

  • Most times, the portfolio will be sent within 2 days of the visit. Please allow additional time if a resort experience has been requested.

Special notes about ordering this shop:

  • To ensure you obtain the best possible report, we always send two agents. This provides – safety, objectivity, accuracy and accountability
  • Each hotel shopped will be considered a separate shop, and invoiced accordingly.
  • The Client is Responsible For:
      1. Airfare: (Best rate available)
      2. Transportation: (To and from the hotel)
      3. Accommodations: (1 night stay in the hotel being assesed;1 room , 2 beds or clients preference)
      4. Food and Beverage: (Per clients preference, e.g on site hotel restaurant,or cafe; breakfast, lunch and dinner)
      5. Amenities: (Per clients preference; areas to be graded, spa, golf, restaurant, lounge, gym etc)
      6. Incidentals:(Per clients preference: researching items eg. tooth brush, personal hygiene etc)


Pricing Varies
  • Pricing is based on many factors.Please fill out an order form and we will be in touch with pricing.