Bar/Bat Mitzvah Report

Another niche in the hotel business is capturing the Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvahs being held in our local communities.  This has been an often neglected, and potentially highly profitable, event group across the United States.  This report will research packages available at your competitive hotels for these major life milestone events. Pricing, complete descriptions, and menus will be provided. You may always provide your own criteria.  Shop price is based on up to five competitors, however additional locations can be added for just $60 each.

Just like the catering, wedding, and group shops, a call is made the hotel sales department.  We shop AV pricing, Food and Beverage minimums, room rates if requested, party space rental, and anything else you may want to know. We also provide a comment section were details of the conversations with sales agents can be listed.

We base the group request on a family celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, you provide the Number of rooms that will be needed; the dates being shopped for; the estimated number of people attending; any audiovisual needs; Food and Beverage needs; etc.  In the comments section, we will note fine print items such as attrition clauses, cancellation policies, etc. – If there is something specific that you need, we’ll get the information for you.

As with any group shop request, there is a lot of correspondence that goes on between our agent and the hotel’s sales department with these shops. We have emails and e-voice for any needed call backs. Our agents try to get most of the information on the first call, however that isn’t always possible; they also request written proposals for back up.

All the information is presented to you on an excel spreadsheet and is sent via email.  Turnaround time is generally two to three weeks, however, if the report is completed sooner, we will return it immediately. Top of Form

We no longer list pricing on the website. Please call (360) 458 5348 during the hours of 7:00am-4:00pm PST or email us at for pricing inquiries.