Beverage Catering Report

In today’s world of increased chaos and craziness, down time, even while on business, has become increasingly more important to the weary travelers, and more competitive for the hotels hosting them.  After a long day of travel or meetings, many guests enjoy a wind down session in the lounge.  The Beverage Catering Report will detail the lounges and/or bars of your competitive set.  Wine and Spirit menus are scoured, and we let you know exactly what your neighbors are offering to their guests, from the specialty cocktails, down to the brands of beer they carry.  All pricing variations will be listed from the bottle, to the glass, to the pitcher.  Countless hotels are specializing in particular “brands” of wine.  We will give you the names of the reds and whites, and we will break down all of their descriptions per the menus.

Many locations will offer their menus online, however some hotels will need to be called directly.  If menus are not online, we will ask for copies to be emailed to us.  In the comments section we will let you know who we talked to, if we ran in to any issues, if there are any special considerations, and how our agents are received on the phone.

Menus will be provided, if available, at no additional cost to you. You may provide your own criteria, and if there is something particular you are looking for, please specify that on your order form.  We will track that information down, to the best of our abilities.

This shop is for up to five of your competitors, additional hotels can be added for $60 each. Turnaround time is generally two to three weeks, however, if we are able to complete the report sooner, we will pass it along immediately.  Reports are returned to you on an Excel spreadsheet via email.

We no longer list pricing on the website. Please call (360) 458 5348 during the hours of 7:00am-4:00pm PST or email us at for pricing inquiries.