Room Rental Shop

Knowing how to charge for rental of the available spaces within your hotel can make or break your sales for the year. Our specialized Room Rental Shop researches your competitors’ event space and rental fees, it does not include any sleeping room information or rates. We will get all the information you need for one main space in the hotel, e.g. ballroom, breakout space, office/boardroom space. You may specify that we check availability for a weekend or weekday, as the pricing can vary greatly between the two. This report is also customizable to your specific needs.

A call is made to the hotel sales department where the information is gathered. We ask for written proposals so that they may be passed along to you. All specifications of the space you choose are checked. We will give you the square footage, and if requested we can break down the rental feet per square foot of space.

Any documentation provided to us will be passed along to you at no additional charge. Once the reports are completed, they are entered into an excel spreadsheet for your convenience and returned to you via email.

Pricing is for up to five of your competitors, additional hotels can be added for an additional fee. Turnaround time is generally two to three weeks, however, if it is completed prior to that, it will be returned to you immediately.

We no longer list pricing on the website. Please call (360) 458 5348 during the hours of 7:00am-4:00pm PST or email us at for pricing inquiries.