Strategic Rate Report

The Strategic Rate Report will show you what different types of rates are offered by your competitive set. You may choose from either qualified or non-qualified rates.  These can be shopped both online and through the hotel reservations department.  We can also shop your hotel to see what your own agents are offering to guests that call in.  Reports like this can really help you set your rate structures in a highly competitive market.  If your neighbors are offering special rates on a night that you typically wouldn’t, it could be helpful to know that.

Typical rates shopped will include rack, general corporate rates offered to any business travelers, promotional rates being offered, AAA, Government or Military rates offered to service personnel with proper ID, AARP, Senior discounts, rewards rates for members of a hotel rewards program, travel agent discounts, Weekly or Monthly rates, etc.

Our agents will call your hotel and ask for the reservations department.  Using the dates that you have chosen, they will check for availability and make sure it is wide open.  Once that has been determined, they will check for the rates that you have requested.  This may take a few phone calls to accomplish.  We have access to verified AAA and travel agent ID’s in order to get those specialty rates.

When shopping online, the same basic process is used.  We make sure that the availability is wide open in order to secure the rate information.  If a particular hotel has another name for the rate that you have asked about, we will note that for you.

This report will include information from up to seven of your competitors.  We will also pass along comments about the reservations agents that we speak to as well.  Reports are professionally returned to you on an excel spreadsheet via email.  Turnaround time is generally two to three days.

We no longer list pricing on the website. Please call (360) 458 5348 during the hours of 7:00am-4:00pm PST or email us at for pricing inquiries.