Travel Agent Test Call

The Travel Agent Test Call report is done very similarly to a Sales Agent test call as well and is used for grading travel agents that should be recommending your hotel.  How attentive are they to the questions being asked by the caller?  Are they selling your hotel, or recommending other locations first?  Do they highlight your key selling points?  Do they only offer the standard options available or are they up selling during the call?  Do they properly advise the caller of your cancellation policies?  Do they suggest alternate dates if your hotel is sold out on the requested nights, or do they offer another available hotel?  Does the caller have to ask for details about your hotel or are they given freely by the agent?  Do they encourage strong consideration for booking your location?  Do they recommend any special services that your hotel offers?

Like the Sales test calls, travel agents are called only as specified.  We follow your scenario exactly as written.  The date, time, and duration of the call are all noted.  Agents are graded on everything from their tone of voice to knowledge about your specific destination. We pay very close attention to all of the areas that clients have asked us to watch for. Our caller’s personal opinions are used heavily on these reports as well because everyone will react in a different way to the same situations.

This report can help you identify if the travel agencies you work with are indeed recommending your hotel to callers.  In shopping travel agents, and having us grade them on a scale of how well they sell your hotel to possible future guests, you can find out just how much business is coming your way from their efforts.

Turnaround time is generally 1 – 2 business days.

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